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No, we have a trichologist (Certified in the study of hair and scalp), and two hair practitioners on staff. We often refer people back to their primary care physicians or dermatologists when there are questions.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for non-surgical hair loss restoration. To find out if you are a candidate, complete and submit the 2-minute online questionnaire “Am I A Candidate.” Be sure to confirm the correct email address and phone number so one of our Hair Practitioners can contact you with the results. If we deem you a possible candidate, a more detailed online or in-center medical questionnaire must be filled out prior to the in person consultation. Our staff will educate you on the basics of hair loss and will formulate an individualized, multi-therapeutic hair micro-stimulation plan considering the answers from the medical questionnaire.

For your convenience, our website is available 24 hours a day for you to schedule an in-person consultation appointment. Consultations are held on Wednesdays from 10:30 am to 6pm and must be booked and paid 48 hours in advance. But ask, sometimes we do have people reschedule at the last minute and we may fit you in sooner.

That is an option because hair loss is not a disease (it can be caused by some.) However, if it really bothers you, call for a consultation to at least see all your options and hear the truth about hair loss, not just the marketing commercials on TV.

  • All the products in a program were meant to work together from several fronts to maximize your results in stopping hair loss and getting re-growth.
  • When using only one or two products, many people do not see the best results and therefore do not continue treatment for a long enough period of time. It takes at least 6 months to a year to see results. When used individually and not in a program, products are more expensive and less effective.
  • HLRC programs were designed to maximize benefit and minimize cost. Our philosophy is unlike the rest of the hair loss industry- we believe in providing products and services that work at a reasonable price. To enjoy the maximum benefits from treatment, it is essential to use HLRC Hair Micro-stimulation Program Hair Care Products.
  • We utilize a clinic grade Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) or photo biotherapy in our center. LLLT is FDA approved for safety
    and a laser has been approved to promote hair growth. It’s been used for wound healing and bone growth for years. This
    therapy has shown success in Europe, Australia, and Canada.
  • Lifestyle and nutritional suggestions that will help you to maximize your individual treatment plan.
  • Improving the overall health of the hair and scalp by eliminating sebum and dandruff, increasing blood flow to the follicles,
    eliminating dirt and debris on the hair and scalp while leaving needed oils, and infusing the follicles with nutrients.
  • Aggressive oral and topical products to stop hair loss and regain some growth by blocking DHT formation and binding to hair
    follicles, increasing blood flow to follicles, and providing the nutraceuticals that hair needs to grow. These products vary based
    on individual need.
  • Monitoring your progress with both a digital and a magnified scope to show your improvement (in clinic only).
  • Individualized treatment plans for your unique hair loss issues with a variety of products
  • Offers low level light therapy services, topical products, cranial prosthesis, & hair replacement systems
  • We work with your goals and concerns to make recommendations to you on hair loss as a “whole” person.
  • Personal consultation with a hair loss professional
  • Unique and higher strength products, such as: HLCC CompleteTM, Herbal Alternative to Propecia, higher strength Minoxidil and Finasteride among other quality products for hair loss.
  • Monthly checkups included in the programs
  • We know the importance of feeling confident during the process of regrowing hair. We provide options to conceal thinning or balding hair during the
  • Products used are based on 20 years of actual clinical experience in men’s and women’s hair loss in the US and Europe.
  • Products were founded by a medical team and one of the leading nutrition/nutraceutical companies in the world.
  • Safe and effective for both men and women.
  • Are you really concerned about your hair loss?
  • Do you want to know how you can slow down the progression of hair loss and stimulate hair regrowth?
  • Do you want to know the truth about hair loss (and not hear false promises)?
  • Are you motivated enough to do something about your loss?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you owe it to yourself to schedule a consultation through our website!

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